January 16, 2019

The Night


And the night tells me so,
To write more verses
When I am in distress,
To write more verses
Free from stress.

The night stands still,
Waiting for me to write its lines,
Waiting for me to describe its essence
Waiting, for me to paint
All I’ve desired.

I write then to the night,
That always hears me out
In my sleepless nights,
I write to thee.

I write to the one
That while silent,
Makes all the noise.
The one that when quiet,
Is really loud.

I write to you, dear love,
Because every time I write
We always meet.

I write to your lights
Alluring my path
The city that while dark,
Is still illuminated.

Shining lights that with splendor,
Captivate my every thought
Once the sun settles,
And the moon rises.

I write to you,
Because during every night,
I thought of my lovers
And my desires.

It is then you,
That dances with my mind,
The moon and every star.

You, who knows
All my stories,
All my life
Because I’ve always chosen you

The Night.


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