November 23, 2019

Falling Leafs


47044565-86BE-4520-B5EC-8804C59BC37AAnd there they go,
The falling leafs
Falling once again,
Reminding us of autumn.

The memento mori of our lives,
With fading colors and gray skies,
Reminding us somehow
That life still remains.

For when a leaf falls,
Its colors are somewhat warm.
Decaying and decomposing through the cold
Reminding us of spring,
Greeting winter.

Why is everything so relatable?
For when the winter comes,
The leafs will be gone,
The cold will be long,
And that, that was red
It is now dead.

But even in the midst
Of the coldest day
There’s still hope
That even in the darkest spot.

The flowers will once again bloom,
Reminding us all again,
Of the different colors,
In our life time.

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